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Dads Dig Saving Electricity

Dads Dig Saving Electricity

Dads Dig Saving Electricity

Give Dad the gift of energy savings he will appreciate every day of the year!

What can Dad do with an Energy Monitor from Eyedro?

  • Check real-time electricity data
  • Find out where the energy hogs are in the home
  • Know if you turned off the lights even if he is out on the golf course
  • Set up cost and consumption reports that are automatically sent to his email
  • Configure electricity rates and view Bills information
  • Export data to Excel
  • View historical energy data to see his cost savings efforts bear fruit over time

Energy Monitoring Made Easy

MyEyedro is Eyedro’s cloud software interface.  MyEyedro allows you to check your energy usage data from anywhere with your phone, tablet or any connected device.  In conjunction with your Eyedro hardware, MyEyedro helps you to:

  • Identify Inefficiencies stemming from energy use habits and specific appliances
  • Reap Financial Benefits over time
  • Cultivate Awareness of your family’s electricity use habits so you can make positive changes

Super Eyedro says:

Dads Dig Energy Savings!

And hey – turn off the lights!

Super Eyedro helps you save energy!

Want to “dig” further into how much your utilities actually cost and how to save some money?  Check out the following article:

What’s the Average Cost of Utilities, Really?

Save Energy at Home

Save Energy at Home

Save Energy at Home

Save energy at home with an Eyedro Home Energy monitor.  Take the mystery out of your energy usage with the comprehensive suite of reporting tools in the MyEyedro cloud software.  MyEyedro access is included with the purchase of your Eyedro Home Energy monitor with no subscription fees.

MyEyedro offers a range of insightful options to help you manage your electricity usage.  Automated reports can be sent to your email and you can also share reports with additional users.  Instantaneous live data will let you know when your energy hogs are running (think clothes dryer, oven, electric heaters), so you can manage the best time for operating these appliances based on your utility times and rates.  Real-time data lets you view your live usage as you turn devices off and on.  Bills data customized with common utility rate structures are viewable with a 12 month window.  Historical data will allow you to track your usage trends over time as you move through the months and seasons and year to year.

Print on demand reports or download your raw data to Excel.  MyEyedro offers a myriad of ways for you to view your energy data.

MyEyedro cloud data is integrated with Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings and Google Assistant for added smart home functionality.

Typical Power Ratings of Your Home Appliances

Christmas lights power usage
appliance power rating chart

Phone, internet, water, and energy bills, they all add up. Determining the right mix of service, price, and convenience can help you save money on your utility bills. Eyedro’s real-time energy monitoring can help you make a positive impact on the planet by reducing your home electricity usage. Together, we can combat climate change and create a sustainable future.

Energy Monitoring Made Easy

The Perfect Gift for the Homeowner

Give them the gift of year-round energy savings because nobody likes to pay more for electricity than they have to, not even Santa!

EYEDRO-HOME is Eyedro's energy monitor for residential grid power and solar monitoring.

EYEDRO-HOME Energy & Solar Monitor

Connect by WiFi or Ethernet 

Environmental Stewardship with Eyedro: Earth Day 2017

Environmental Stewardship with Eyedro: Earth Day 2017

Earth Day April 22nd, 2017: Environmental Stewardship with Eyedro Electricity Monitoring

Founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, the very first Earth Day was held in 1970 as a reaction to his concern that environmental issues were not considered important politically or by society in general. Senator Nelson’s initial efforts gave rise to world-wide environmental stewardship activities including the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act in the United States.

For additional biographical information on Senator Nelson and the founding of Earth Day check out Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Today, around the globe, more than 1 billion people participate in Earth Day events which are coordinated by the non-profit organization Earth Day Network.

Here in Canada, Earth Day activities include community tree planting, recycling seminars, volunteer litter clean up, and open house demonstrations at local composting facilities.  For more information and programs in your community see Earth Day Canada.

How Can You Make a Contribution to the Global Environmental Movement?

  • Grow your own food
  • Compost your kitchen and yard waste
  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with LED
  • Walk, bike or carpool to work
  • Use non-toxic cleaning products like baking soda and plain white vinegar
  • Let Eyedro help you reduce your electricity consumption!

Eyedro electricity monitoring can help you with your personal commitment to energy reduction.  With Eyedro you can see, in real-time, when you are using the most electricity and which appliances are the culprits.

Because the MyEyedro cloud interface is so accessible and responsive, it makes a great tool to help your whole family to form new conservation habits.  Allow your children to participate and together we can create a more environmentally sustainable future for everyone!

Track and reduce your electrical consumption with Eyedro – because every day is Earth Day!


Visit Eyedro at the 10th Annual Guelph eMERGE EcoMarket March 25th, 2017

Visit Eyedro at the 10th Annual Guelph eMERGE EcoMarket March 25th, 2017

Energy Reduction with Eyedro 

eMERGE EcoMarket  

March 25th, 2017 

10 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

Old Quebec Street Mall at 55 Wyndham Street 


Visit Eyedro to learn how our electricity monitoring systems can help you with your energy reduction initiatives at home and at work.  Green ideas from a great lineup of vendors.

Bring the family out to discover some innovative green energy and sustainability products and services.

Guelph eMERGE EcoMarket Details and participating vendors.


Visit Eyedro at the Guelph eMERGE EcoMarket March 25th 2017

Guelph eMERGE EcoMarket March 25th 2017


Eyedro Booth at the Guelph EcoMarket

Eyedro Booth at 10th Annual Guelph EcoMarket

The Guelph EcoMarket – showcasing a great roundup of green ideas companies in an awesome venue!