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MyEyedro V5 Tools Overview

MyEyedro V5 Tools Overview

MyEyedro V5 Tools Overview

Within the MyEyedro cloud software you will find a number of useful tools, including Excel Data Exporter, Base Load (always on power), Peak Load (useful for sizing generators and renewables), Unit Converter, Cost Estimator and Solar Calculator which allows you to determine solar system potential and ROI.

There are direct links from the MyEyedro cloud pages to the MyEyedro user guide for help on any of the Tools or menu items.

  • Export your data to Excel
  • Check your Base Load or “Ghost Power”
  • Determine your 7 day Peak Demand
    • Convert from one unit type to another
    • Calculate typical energy costs by appliance type

    Energy Monitoring Made Easy

    Unlock advanced alerts, asset intelligence, asset profiles, advanced reports, RETScreen integration, and more with a MyEyedro Pro license.

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    For detailed Eyedro product specifications, installation, and MyEyedro cloud software information please refer to the following Eyedro manuals:

    MyEyedro Cloud Software Manual

    Eyedro Home Products Guide

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