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The Hardest Part About Saving Electricity…

Many of us are lucky to live in a time where electricity is always available. Gone are the days of oil-drenched torches to light the way along with hand-washing laundry in big vats of boiled water and soap…Nowadays, we have the technology of washing machines and central cooling to keep us comfortable and content.

When something that was once so difficult to achieve becomes readily available, it’s easy to take advantage of it and misuse its purpose. Have you ever run the dishwasher when it was not full? Have you left the house with the music or basement lights on? Do you open the fridge and stare for an extended amount of time before you decide what you’d like? These are things that were not possible to the hard working pilgrims of the past, and they wouldn’t be too excited to see how careless some folks can be when we don’t consider what we’re throwing away.

Our obsession with comfortable living makes it nearly unfathomable to sacrifice modern day luxuries. No air conditioning? No way. Hang drying laundry? That’s a lot of work. Of course, we pay big dollars to make life easier so there shouldn’t be an argument…you get what you pay for! Electricity abuse is something we justify, when we don’t want to face the truth. But the truth is, why waste what we have, just because we have it?

Let’s try to make our ancestors proud, and only use what we need. Having awareness of our energy consumption is the first step to making change. Maybe you’re not interested in saving the environment, but you want to save money. Maybe you do care about the environment, but have a hard time letting go. What about the children of the future? If we don’t show them we value our resources, how will they?

Look into our real-time electricity monitoring, and make this challenge fun. See the impact you make by turning off a power bar loaded with electronics. See the money you save when you use your appliances at night. Little by little, we can make a difference, and using Eyedro will certainly help.