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How to Use the Summary Plugin

How to Use the Summary Plugin

How to Use the Summary Plugin



To explain how to use the Summary Plugin. As the name suggests, the Summary Plugin displays a breakdown of how much each sensor in a given Display Group measured during a given time period.


Summary in plugin menu

Summary in Plugin Menu



  1. Click on the icon in the lower left of the page (this is the Plugin Menu) and select Summary.
  2. Select the desired Display Group from the dropdown menu.
  3. Select the time unit from the dropdown menu.
  4. For time units greater than Hourly, you can set how far back from the start date the data is displayed.
  5. Choose which day you would like to view in the date picker.
  6. You can collapse the legend for a larger version of the graph.
  7. Clicking on a sensor in the legend turns it on or off in the graph.
  8. The legend also shows minimum, maximum, average and total for a given time period setting.
  9. The graph displays watts (W) on the left and time on the bottom.
  10. Hover your mouse over a bar to view the time, sensor, what that sensor read at that time, and the total for that time period.
  11. In the Options menu you can display the data as either Cost ($) or Consumption (W).
  12. In Options you can turn Time of Use bands on or off (TOU rate structure only), show Aggregate (displays the total of all sensors in a Display Group), Stack Columns (displays each sensor in a display group stacked in a single column), and Device Name In Legend.
  13. Set the Graph Scale to automatically set a max and min value or specify those values yourself.


Summary plugin

Summary Plugin


Mouseover data

Mouseover Data


Options menu

Options Menu



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