Eyedro Product Selector

Benefits of monitoring with Eyedro and MyEyedro.com

• Discover phantom power, peak power, and waste
• See details behind your electric bill in real-time
• Measure improvements Eg. New lighting
Verify equipment works Eg. Backup generator
Be notified if power/internet fails Eg. Cottage
• Understand tenant usage
Reduce usage, save $, and help the environment
How Eyedro Works

Business vs Home products?

Typically, residential customers with a single phase electrical service of 200A or less will use Eyedro Home Electricy Monitoring products.

All other applications would use Eyedro Business Electricity Monitoring products (single-phase or three-phase, up to 5000A, expandable wireless mesh network).

Wireless vs Wired products?

Wireless products are recommended when the internet connection and sensor location are in different rooms, or multiple sensor locations are needed.

Technical Features:

Non invasive installation – Simply
clip the sensors around circuit to be

No complicated configuration – Just
connect the module to the internet
One second resolution

Low bandwidth usage – Typically less
than 1MB per day

Privacy – Electrical data sent over
the internet has no personally identifiable

Access via MyEyedro.com from any web
browser or smart phone

No batteries to end up in landfill

Monitors up to 5000A/600V service

Wireless – Private mesh network
between modules (wireless version only)

Expandable – Up to 32 sensor modules
(96 total sensors) per wireless gateway
(Eyedro Business Wireless Electricity
product only – EBWEM1*)

Eyedro Home Electricity Monitors

For single-phase residential applications up to 200A

Select product images to view pricing and other details.

EHEM1Electricity Monitor – Includes two (2) 200A sensorsEHEM1-LV-1200x800
EHWEM1Wireless Electricity Monitor – Includes two (2) 200A sensorsYesEHWEM1 Box 220x220

Eyedro Business Electricity Monitors

For applications up to 200A

Select product images to view pricing and other details.

For applications up to 200A
EBEM1Electricity Monitor - Includes three (3) 200A sensorsYesYes
EBWEM1Wireless Electricity Monitor - Includes three (3) 200A sensorsYesYesYes
EBWXS3Wireless 3-Sensor Expansion – Includes three (3) 200A sensorsYesYesYes*
EBWXS2Wireless 2-Sensor Expansion – Includes two (2) 200A sensorsYesYes*
EBWXS1Wireless 1-Sensor Expansion – Includes one (1) 200A sensorYesYes*
For applications exceeding to 200A and up to 5000A
EBEM1-SUBElectricity Monitor – No sensors includedYesYes
EBWEM1-SUBWireless Electricity Monitor – No sensors includedYesYesYes
EBWXS3-SUBWireless 3-Sensor Expansion – No sensors includedYesYesYes*
EBWXS2-SUBWireless 2-Sensor Expansion – No sensors includedYesYes*
EBWXS1-SUBWireless 1-Sensor Expansion – No sensors includedYesYes*

Sensor Product Selector

For -SUB products

Select product images to view pricing and other details.

Eyedro Current Sensor Selector for Home Products

(Split-Core Sensors: 5A - 200A)

ESCLV-10-5A5A300V1.500 x 1.000 in (38 x 25 mm)Ø 0.375 in (10 mm)5A current sensor
ESCLV-10-10A10A300V1.500 x 1.000 in (38 x 25 mm)Ø 0.375 in (10 mm)Eyedro 10A current sensor ESCLV-10-10A
ESCLV-10-30A30A300V1.500 x 1.000 in (38 x 25 mm)Ø 0.375 in (10 mm)ESCLV-10-30A 30a current sensor
ESCLV-10-40A40A300V1.500 x 1.000 in (38 x 25 mm)Ø 0.375 in (10 mm)40A current sensor
ESCLV-10-60A60A300V1.500 x 1.000 in (38 x 25 mm)Ø 0.375 in (10 mm)60A current sensor ESCLV-10-60A
ESCLV-10-20A20A300V1.500 x 1.000 in (38 x 25 mm)Ø 0.375 in (10 mm)Eyedro 20A current sensor
ESCLV-10-15A15A300V1.500 x 1.000 in (38 x 25 mm)Ø 0.375 in (10 mm)esclv-10-15a 15a current sensor
ESCLV-16-100A100A300V1.750 x 1.380 in (44 x 35 mm)Ø 0.625 in (16 mm)100A current sensor ESCLV-16-100A
ESCLV-25-200A200A600V2.75 x 2.00 in (70 x 51 mm)Ø 1.000 in (25 mm)200A current sensor ESCLV-25-200A