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Customize Your Display Groups

Custom Display Group

Energy Monitoring Made Easy

In your MyEyedro account, you have the ability to tailor your experience by creating custom sensor groupings called Display Groups.

A Display Group can include any of your electricity device sensors from one to all sensors.

A Display Group appears in your plugins (Highlights, Demand Live, Consumption), where it reports as a single unit.  Reports can also be created by Display Group.

Wherever you want to show an aggregate result for a specific combination of sensors, create a custom Display Group.  Give your Display Group a good, recognizable name!

Unlock advanced alerts, asset intelligence, asset profiles, advanced reports, RETScreen Integration, and more with a MyEyedro Pro license.

Eyedro User Manuals

For detailed Eyedro product specifications, installation, and MyEyedro cloud software information please refer to the following Eyedro manuals:

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