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MyEyedro Reports Configuration

MyEyedro Reports Configuration

MyEyedro Reports Configuration

With MyEyedro you have the ability to generate reports in Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Annual time intervals.

Reports can be scheduled to run automatically or they can be run one time (unscheduled).  You can set Reports to be delivered to you by email and also share to additional email addresses.

There are direct links from the MyEyedro cloud pages to the MyEyedro user guide for help on any of the Configuration menu items.

Super Eyedro
  • Create automatic Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports
  • Set reports to automatically be delivered by email
  • Share reports with multiple email recipients

MyEyedro Reports Configuration Settings

MyEyedro new report configuration options.

MyEyedro Report Type Selection

MyEyedro New Report Type.

MyEyedro Report Time Period Selection

MyEyedro Reports Configuration time interval.

MyEyedro Reports List

MyEyedro created reports list with scheduled or unscheduled status.

Energy Monitoring Made Easy

Unlock advanced alerts, asset intelligence, asset profiles, advanced reports, RETScreen integration, and more with a MyEyedro Pro license.

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Eyedro User Manuals

For detailed Eyedro product specifications, installation and MyEyedro cloud software information please refer to the following Eyedro manuals and Support menu:

MyEyedro Cloud Software Manual

Eyedro Home Products Guide

Eyedro Business Products Guide

Eyedro Technical Support

How to Configure MyEyedro Reports

How to Configure MyEyedro Reports

How to Configure MyEyedro Reports



To explain how to configure MyEyedro reports in the Reports plugin.

You will need to set up your MyEyedro Rate profile before you configure your reports.


Types of Reports:

The Reports plugin generates two types of reports:

  1. Weekly Site Summary report:
    • The Weekly Site Summary report will include all the Display Groups associated with your MyEyedro account.  The time interval for this report is one week (Sunday to Saturday).
  2. Usage and Cost Summary report:
    • The Usage and Cost Summary report is set for an individual Display Group (multiple reports may be created as required).  The available time intervals for this report type are Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annually.

Plugin Menu

Plugin Menu



  1. Click on the icon in the lower left of the website. This opens the plugin menu.  Select Reports.
  2. The last scheduled report will be displayed. If there is no report there will be a notification of this asking if you want to set one up.
  3. You can choose between Scheduled and Unscheduled reports here.
  4. Select various report configurations here.
  5. Create a new report, copy a report configuration, and delete a configuration here.
  6. Edit the selected report configuration here.
  7. If you want to create an unscheduled report, Make Sure this check box is not checked.
  8. Set the report period, report type, report date, and any email addresses you want to receive the report here.
  9. Print, email, and regenerate a report here.
  10. View past reports by date from this dropdown.


How to configure MyEyedro Reports

How to configure MyEyedro Reports


Create New MyEyedro Report

Create New MyEyedro Report

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