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Eyedro Smart Home Integration Guide

1.Overview #

Eyedro Green Solutions inc. has stepped up as a partner with three major company’s; Amazon, Google and Samsung, to make the transition between home monitoring and user access seamless. Purchasing and installing an Eyedro Electricity Monitor is already a great idea to get an understanding of your home energy usage, in real time, anywhere. However, what If you’re a busy person? Your hands are always full or you just don’t have time to login to the MyEyedro Cloud service when you need to. Being newly updated and freshly integrated with these large company’s, you can link your MyEyedro service to your Assistant devices and with just the iteration of the words “Ok Google” or “Alexa” you’ll be able to ask for some common insight without even lifting a finger. Some sample functions of the integration are “Get Highlights”, “Get Demand”, “Get Demand Changes” and “Get Bill Estimate”.

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Last updated on 27-Jul-2021
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