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MyEyedro User Guide v4

8.Appendix A: Plugins-v4 #

Plugins are used to present data in the MyEyedro client. Certain Plugins will be available or unavailable depending on the types of data sources you have connected to your user account. The diagram below shows the basic navigation of the MyEyedro client software.

 FieldHow It’s Used
AUsernameThe user currently logged into the system.
BSettings MenuClick the “Settings Menu” button to access account and system settings.
CPlugin Menu ButtonClick the “Plugin Menu” button to open the Plugin Menu. Selecting a specific plugin will change the icon (and title next to it) to the one associated with the plugin currently in use.
DPlugin MenuLists all available plugins.

NOTE: This user guide contains documentation for all currently supported plugins; however, not all plugins are available to all users.

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Last updated on 16-May-2022
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