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MyEyedro User Guide v4

6.3.4.Daily Tiered Rate Structure-v4 #

The Daily Tiered rate structure allows you to define specific rates depending on how much electricity has been consumed to date per day.

  1. Click on the Rates tab to set the rates which are used to compute cost information throughout the MyEyedro client.
  2. Select the season to be edited from the dropdown. Depending on the number of Seasons specified in the General tab, edit the rate for each season.
    NOTE: A default rate will be used if rates aren’t edited for a particular season.
  3. If applicable, specify whether a particular season has Weekend-specific or Holiday-specific If checked, options to specify those special rates would appear below. Please see instructions under Fixed Price Rate Structure for details.
    NOTE: A default rate will be used if the rates aren’t edited for a particular type of day.
  4. Specify the rate cost (in ¢/kWh) for the tier currently being edited.
  5. Specify the lowest bound (in kWh) of the tier currently being edited.
    NOTE: There must always be one tier defined that starts at 0 kWh. All tiers automatically have an upper bound equal to the lower bound of the next tier.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 until rates are specified for all seasons, day types, and tiers.
  7. If required, the “Add Rate” button will add new tiers to the list.
  8. If required, the “Delete” button will permanently remove tiers from the list.
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Last updated on 16-May-2022
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